Dragon Stew is a supplement to the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons the tabletop game. As the project took off kickstarter, the need for an independent website became necessary, and so my team of Sarah, Jam, and I began designing an official webpage for the product including a homepage explaining the book, a store page selling the book and related content, and a checkout page.

Project Divison

- Page Layout (Store, Checkout, and Character Pages)
- Prototyping
- Logo Redesign
- Header/Footer
- Image Editing
- Social Media Icons
- Scheduling
- Typography
- Layout Refinement (All Pages)
- Color Choice
- Body Copy
- Image Selection
- Page Layout (Homepage)
- Layout Refinement (All Pages)
- Flora/Mushroom Patterns
- Color Choice
- Animated Gif
- Typography
- Image Selection
- Image Editing

Logo Process

Original Product Logo (Antonio Demico)

First Redesign

Final Design


Home Page

Store Page

Cart Page

Wiki Page